About Darwin Horse & Carriage


Marc knows a thing or two about horses. A seasoned stockman and horse whisperer turned tour guide, you couldn’t be in better hands for your Darwin horse and carriage ride. Marc’s easy-going manner, cheeky sense of humour and professionalism ensures your experience is one to remember.

So sit back, relax and experience the Territory in style.

Mr Chips

Mr Chips joined the Darwin Horse and Carriage team in June 2017. He has played a pivotal role in the starting of the business being our main horse for the first year. Mr Chips enjoys his work and strides out with pride when ever he is harnessed up. His favourite time of the day is feed time, he hilariously licks his lips with anticipation of being fed every day!



Captain finished his harness racing career January 2018, he then moved up from south Queensland to the Northern Territory in March 2018. He has a great work ethic and loves getting out and about and seeing what id happening at east point. Captain and Chips do hang out in the paddock together but he can be picky who he spends his time with in the herd. Captain loves apples and getting scratches and hugs! 



Major is a bit of a character, he too is a ex harness racing horse, he only had two races at a young age and then was retired. Major is very independent, has a huge personality and kind of rules the roost in the paddock. His favourite part of his working day is the bath at the end! He loves eating water straight from the hose. Major loves a smooch and a pat and is first in through the gate at dinner time.

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